Storylab Services

Storylab can provide  creative services for communities and project partners.


As cross-vertical unit tasked with producing ambitious storytelling, developing data-driven, multi-channel marketing strategies for Exergy offerings, video, editorial and In-Real-Life (IRL) experiences.  


Exergy Storylabs serves as an R&D unit for LO3 Energy,  a leader in the transactive grid energy space with a deep knowledge in areas ranging from grid infrastructure, DERs, blockchain-for-energy solutions and a reputation for being the outliers disrupting an entire industry.


Partners seeking compelling new ways to communicate their role in the future of energy and showing why people, companies and an entire industry should bank on the core beats of Exergy, need original content that’s suited to their participants.


In today’s connected world of billions and billions of devices,  people want different content. Different voices. Different sensibility and style. Storylab has a way of capturing what drives communities to want to take action and move in turn with creating media that resonates with them. 

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