Storytelling powered by Exergy

Exergy is define as the maximum amount of useful work that can be obtained from a system.


As technology penetrates deeper into the consumer lifestyles, not just apps but physical,  

Exergy Storylabs works to shape the energy prospective by unlocking and harness the power of storytelling to generate world-changing ideas and solve complex problems, generate awareness on a global stage and help brands build exciting scale partnerships and communities.

Exergy I/O

Exergy I/O (e.g. Let's Build a Microgrid) are 90 minute or up to full day community workshops. These labs are experiences focused on providing transformative learning simulations through a series of challenges and using story, play and design, both as inputs and outputs (I/O)


Exergy I/O are opened to a diversity of people looking to engage in a collaborative discussion, cross-pollinate ideas and explore emergent technologies that would motivate people to make actionable choices for sustainability.

These community centric mashups are similar to a design sprint, hackathon or game design jam. The objective of the event is to provide a space where people can learn from each other and channel the inspiration they experience into action.

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Exergy I/O stem

Exergy I/O - stem are special labs designed to engage middle school and high school

students in a hands on learning environment .


The labs aims to provide transformative learning simulations and education

for community microgrids using story, play and design. 

Exergy Storylabs can bring the workshop experience to schools or facilate a location

for up to 100 NYC based students. 

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