Evolution at the Grid Edge is Rising
Authentic stories told by the people & communities leading the charge  

The Future of Energy Lies in the Present

Storylabs I/O understands local energy audiences, their emotional and logical environmental issues. Getting to the heart of what people want for their communities energy future by lowering the barrier of entry and empowering them to lead the charge is how Storylabs helps energy projects shine.

Thinking Out of the Box

Focused on bringing stories to life through proprietary tools and techniques utilized in small group settings to demonstrate the power of new ideas, Storylabs uses unconventional marketing techniques to maximum results from minimal resources. 




Storylabs' proven outreach strategies position people in co-creators roles. 


Story – when you get down to it – is the greatest technology ever invented.  

People not platforms

The unique reasons why people resonate with a tool or solution are how platforms become meaningful. 


That Spreads

Success is about creating value and it's true stories of what community members do for a project that makes a lasting impression.


Storylabs' DoTanks

Grid Edge Rising & Let's Build a Microgrid workshops (AKA DoTanks) integrate participants into the process of value creation to learn with them and to help a project’s team gain deeper insights, customer pain points and establish trust.



These workshops are similar to a design sprint, hackathon or game design jam. Participants from diverse backgrounds gather to tackle pressing, energy-related challenges, that are relevant to their community, and work together to discover solutions that are not unlike what the project proposes.

“Storylabs' workshop is a professional and fun way to kick off a discussion on how to tackle climate change using blockchain. The workshop was a great way to engage our group using a series of questions to understand the challenges and opportunities."


Guillaume de Jenlis - Manhattan

“What an amazing group, the ideas that came out made me feel there is a lot of power in the community”


Amanda McCormick - Brooklyn



Success Stories

Crafting docu-style videos that use actual locations and real people accurately speaking about their microgrid (or local energy market) project's path to success is how Storylabs' community engagement and media production differentiates itself. 


DoTanks help to unearth what matters most to people and connect the dots between what people want and what the project aims to accomplish.


When participants are informed and empowered to play a key role in the rise of their local energy project, the possibilities are golden. 

“I felt I wasn’t alone. There were other people there who cared about new ways to deal with global warming, new ways of buying energy and being responsible. It was great being in the company of these people”  


Bob Sauchell - Brooklyn


"I love the format of the workshop. We come away with a sense of community and a set of steps that we can implement in organizing renewable energy programs in our own neighborhoods."

Josh Yu - Manhattan


Five beneficial takeaways when Storylabs works with your community


  1. Project introduction and mission to the team or community

  2. Understanding participants and their value propositions

  3. Finding the project’s Earlyvangelist

  4. Testimonials from participants on the projects potential

Ultimately, Storylabs' DoTanks are meant to channel the inspiration participants

experience into compelling stories and prized community relationships.